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About Merv

Gardening, landscaping and working with nature has been my lifelong passion, and has become a defining part of my day-to-day life and personal identity. Many of my most precious memories are of working in, or simply enjoying, my own family’s garden. Now, I aim to create spaces where other people can form their precious memories.

Over the years, I’ve built a team of creative and hard-working individuals, who will be able to meet all of your landscaping and gardening needs; including mowing, edging, pruning and tidying your yard and garden.

We pride ourselves on honest and reasonable pricing. If you book us for an hour, we’re there for the full hour. We don’t just pack up and leave as soon as the mowing and edging is done. Whether it's weeding, pruning or tidying, we keep looking for ways to add value for the full duration of the booking. With Merv’s Landscaping and Garden Management, you will never be charged an hourly rate for a job that only takes 30 minutes.